The purpose of the CPFF Foundation is to provide aid and support to professional fire fighters and their families and Colorado residents who are the victims of tragedy resulting in death, severe loss of property, or severe personal injury.  The Foundation has limited funds and therefore not all grant requests can or will be funded.  Decisions on funding will be made by the Board of Directors of the CPFF Foundation.  The Board will consider the following factors in making funding decisions: the event causing the harm must have occurred within six months of the application; the nature of the tragedy; the cause of the tragedy; the impact of the tragedy on the applicant or his/her family; the financial circumstances of the applicant and the intended use of any award.  The Foundation reserves the right to investigate any information contained in this application in order to assist with the funding decision.  Please complete the entire application as it assists the Board of Directors with award decisions.  This information is held with complete confidentiality and is solely used to determine the need for the grant.

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